Mayan Journey - April 3 - 17, 2019

Heartbeat of an Evolving Cosmovision

with Martien and Teressena Bakens,
Mayan Master Teacher Miguel Angel Vergara will be with us at Palenque,

Manuel Lopez Fiero and the Olmeca Archeological group will host us in the Olmec lands

Connecting through the Heart of the Earth and the Heart of the Sky, we access our Heart of Hearts, creating the Axis Mundi of the Tree of Life, traversing time and space in both our inner world and the multi-dimensional omniverse. We extend the invitation to join us on this Sacred Journey as we attune to the heartbeat of the Earth in the waters of the Mother and stretch beyond in the Infinite expanses of the Cosmos.

Itinerary - Heartbeat of an evolving Cosmovision

    1. Day 1 - Flights arrive in Minatitlan where we will be welcomed by the Archeological group. Opening dinner.
    2. Day 2 - Ceremony with the archeological group and Olmec shaman at an Olmec sacred site to connect with the wisdom of the Ancestors of Lemuria.
    3. Day 3 - Travel day to Palenque where we will stay the next four nights. We will be joined by Don Miguel Angel who will share wisdom teachings and meditations surrounding the Ancestors of Atlantis and awakening of the Mayan Cosmovision.
    4. Day 4 - Initiation in the waterfall and cave of Misol Ha. Spend the afternoon at Cascades de Agua Azul continuing with the waters of the Mother and the Heart of the Earth.
    5. Day 5 - Ceremony and Initiation at the sacred site of Palenque.
    6. Day 6 - More teachings and exploring of the site of Palenque.
    7. Day 7 - Ceremony and Initiation at the sacred site of Tonina. Travel to the beautiful colonial city of San Cristobal de las Casas, where we will be for the next three nights.
    8. Day 8 - Visit the Mayan villages of San Juan Chamula and Zinacantan.
    9. Day 9 - Enjoy the artisan markets, beautiful architecture and cuisine of San Cristobal de las Casas.
    10. Day 10 - Travel to Chiapa Del Corzo, where we will be for the remainder of the journey.
    11. Day 11 - Visit the Mayan site of Chiapa de Corzo.
    12. Day 12 - Experience Canon El Sumidero, by boat, traveling not only through the waters of the canyon, but traveling through gateways to the cosmos, the Heart of the Sky and expanded states of consciousness.
    13. Day 13 - Day of relaxation and integration. Closing dinner.
    14. Day 14 - Flights out of Tuxtla Gutuirez.


    NOTE: Flights are to be arranged into Minatitlan, Mexico and out of Tuxtla Gutuirez, Mexico.

  • Cost for 14 day sacred journey: $ 3200. Early commitment discount $ 300 by November 15th $1000 deposit required by: January 15th. Balance by March 3rd.
  • Includes airport transfer, lodging, private transport to all sites and destinations
  • admission to archeological sites
  • some breakfasts, opening dinner and closing celebration
  • all wisdom teachings and experiential initiations and ceremonies.
  • Price reflect reflects double occupancy.
  • Single occupancy available upon request for additional fee.
  • Contact: or 805-464-9918.

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