February 26, 27 & 28, 2016 at Ruby Dragon in Morro Bay, CA

An experiential weekend on how to work with sound, frequencies, and sacred geometry to enhance your well being, raise your vibration and awaken consciousness.
We are thrilled to have Stephen Deuel, a leading researcher, innovator and vibroacoustic specialist in this field; and Deborah Deuel, a sound and energy practitioner share their vast knowledge from 30 years of experience in alternative sound and energy healing. They will be offering an introduction to Vibroacoustics in a two-part class, combining frequencies and sacred geometry.
Martien and Teressena Bakens, shamanic energy practitioners, will share a two-part class on how to integrate the energies of the elements and sacred geometries with traditional shamanic sound tools, crystals and essential oils.
Together the four practitioners will provide a multi-sensory, multi-dimensional meditation experience to awaken, activate and integrate the flow of universal life force within. See detailed course descriptions below!

Vibroacoustic Music & Frequencies

Sounds you can feel

A two-part introductory class explaining Vibroacoustics and the uses for VAM (Vibroacoustic Music) and VAT (Vibroacoustic Therapy - using frequencies), and the applications and benefits of both. Vibroacoustics is a non-invasive, drug-free modality for stress reduction, pain relief, inner peace and greater self-awareness.

Participants will:
• Experience the relaxing vibrations on the InnerSoul Liquid Sound Table.
• Learn the differences between VAM and VAT.
• Understand how to apply this technology to your life or professional practice.
• Learn how to create energetic sacred geometries within the personal grid and activate the forms and light codes within it.

Vibroacoustic Therapy is a stand-alone modality that is also synergistic with other modalities including massage, energy work and therapeutic treatments. Through Vibroacoustics sound, frequencies are transferred directly to the body of the client who is lying on a specially designed InnerSoul Liquid Sound Table. The sound vibrations have been shown to lower blood pressure, enhance blood flow and lymphatic circulation, reduce stress and elevate moods.
Research shows Vibroacoustic Therapy to be effective in treating stress, fibromyalgia, asthma and emphysema, arthritis and rheumatism, muscle paints, spasms and cramps, low-back pains, neck and shoulder pains, head-ache/migraine, menstrual pains/dysmenorrhea, high blood pressure, colic pains and constipation among others.
Join Stephen and Deborah Deuel, founders of Inner Soulutions LLC, a leading manufacturer and distributor of InnerSoul Vibroacoustic tables, mats and chairs, as they share their extensive personal experience and knowledge of Vibroacoustics.

Music of the Spheres

Platonic solids and sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry, Sound & the Elements

The creational energy of nature and the cosmos

A two-part experiential class that offers a greater understanding of the interconnectedness of sound, geometry and the elements and how to utilize this creational source within to support well-being and enhance higher states of consciousness.

Participants will:
• Gain an understanding of the cosmic breath and universal life force through sacred geometry and breath work.
• Practice techniques for generating creational energy and life force through the use of sound and sacred geometry.
• Learn what the specific vibrations of drums, rattles, flutes and bowls are and how to work intentionally with these simple yet powerful sound tools
• Experience the creational energy of the elements and the platonic solids as the building blocks of life within the cosmos and within your very being.
Join Martien and Teressena as they bring 'visions' of sacred geometry patterns to life in this transformative, experiential class. Their personal experiences as shamanic practitioners have given them a deep and profound understanding of how to work with the creational life force and energy of the Earth and the Cosmos. "As Above, So Below" is more than an adage. It is real, tangible, and essential for our light body and soul journey.

Chakra Image

Chakra Harmonics

Attuning your chakras to the music of the spheres

Focusing on the chakras, the four practitioners will provide a meditation combining sound, essential oils, visionary mandalas, crystals, light frequencies and sacred geometries for a multi-sensory experience. This integrated and expansive opportunity creates the space for activating our DNA and creating new neuro-pathways that allow us to remember the multi-dimensional beings we truly are.

Stephen at work

Vibroacoustics Private Session

Monday by appointment

Contact Teressena: 501-655-9272 or info@thefifthtarot.com
"Clinical test results show that treatment with Vibroacoustic Music (VAM) or Vibroacoustic Frequencies
(VAT) can reduce tension, anxiety, depression, fatigue, headache and nausea by an average of 53.58%."
- National Institute of Health Study

•3rd Eye – High Heart Crystalline Activation is the latest in a series of Energetic Activation Geometries, channeled by Stephen, which awakens and aligns the Pineal and Thymus Gland through the energetic chakra centers of the 3rd Eye and High Heart; appropriate for those that are on the path of ascension. The activation enhances the crystalline nature of both the Pineal and Thymus Glands (3rd Eye and High Heart or Bridge) with an Energetic Sacred Geometric structure that enhances the flow of energy and information between the two centers, raising the vibrational level of the individual, and enhancing the connection to information in the cosmic grid and one’s ability to tap into it and translate the light codes into meaningful information. Activation is completed with tuned Tibetan Bowls. 1 hr. session - $75

• Individual Energetic Sacred Geometry Activation appropriate for the individual for their current purpose and journey. 1 hr. session - $75

• Atlantean Crystalline Energetic Activation which raises the personal vibrational level to a higher level for the individual’s journey, in a matter of moments. Inspired and guided by his Atlantean, Hathor & Palladian connection and remembrance, Stephen works with each person’s individual energetic field to activate the appropriate geometries to raise your energetic vibration and assist you to ride the wave of change with greater balance. 1 hr. session - $75

Vibroacoustic products

About Stephen & Deborah Deuel - InnerSoulutions

Stephen and Deborah are the founders of Inner Solutions, a leading authority in Vibroacoustic Technology
providing custom crafted sound tables, mats and chairs. Advanced technology transducers used in all
products provide full spectrum sound and tactile vibration.
Stephen Deuel is a Vibroacoustic specialist, innovator, sound and energy teacher and practitioner. He draws on his diverse background, his conscious higher wisdom and his multi-dimensional awareness. His remembrance of lives in Egypt, Atlantis and Lemuria have inspired him to create workshops and sacred sound healing products with the potential for healing and raising consciousness.
With 30 years of research and experience, Stephen specializes in Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT), which applies sound and frequencies that your body can feel on a cellular level. He developed the use of InnerSoul sound tables, mats and chairs as a therapeutic treatment for pain and stress management, spiritual awareness, self-empowerment and enhancing the quality of life. Stephen collaborates with his son, Chris, a gifted musician and energy practitioner, to produce a line of vibroacoustic music for spiritual growth and awakening.

Deborah Deuel is a sound and energy practitioner, spiritual advisor and author. Living with Dystonia, a muscle movement disorder she has had since the age of 10, Deborah lives a full life regardless of the physical challenges. Her exploration into alternative ways to function with this painful disorder has provided her with a deep understanding of human nature. Her search to understand and function with the awareness of her multi-dimensionality and empathic nature led to her spiritual awakening and conscious, higher wisdom.
Deborah counsels individuals on spiritual awareness and self-empowerment, sharing her first-hand knowledge and experience with the benefits of Vibroacoustics and other alternative modalities that have enhanced her quality of life. Deborah shares the insights form her experiences in her book, Transcending Human Nature: Exploring the Human/Spiritual Journey of Who We Are.

About Martien & Teressena Bakens

Martien Bakens comes from a familial lineage of healers. He is a shaman, energy worker and aromatherapist. Martien received his formal training in Europe in various holistic healing modalities in both Eastern and Western traditions.
As an alchemist with extensive knowledge and intuitive wisdom of plant medicine, he blends oils, herbs and teas, attuning to the harmonics of the ingredients that will facilitate healing and spiritual awareness. Martien is the author of The Fifth Tarot. He is also a photographer, celebrating the beauty of life.
Teressena Bakens works as a spiritual midwife, helping people heal and transform through Shamanic ceremony. She has studied and worked with Native American medicine women, Mayan elders and Peruvian shaman. Teressena carries on these teachings by conducting women's circles and facilitating workshops on the sacred feminine. She is also the guardian of the crystal skull, Opheleah. Teressena is a visionary artist and author. She is the creator and illustrator of The Fifth Tarot, and the author of Peace Moon and Teachings of the Serpent.
Both Teressena and Martien are international speakers and presenters. For the past 16 years, Martien and Teressena have studied and received initiations with Mayan Master, Miguel Angel Vergara and Olmec elder, Jesus Fabian Ortiz. Together with these teachers and guides, they facilitate sacred journeys to Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.

Schedule and registration

Friday Evening Introduction to the Sacred Sound Weekend with Martien and Teressena. Stephen and Deborah will share their personal journey with Vibroacoustics.
Morning - Sacred Geometry (Part I)
Afternoon - Vibroacoustics (Part I)
Evening - Chakra Harmonics

Morning - Sacred Geometry (Part II)
Afternoon - Vibroacoustics (Part II)

Registration required. Seating limited to 20 participants.
Energy Exchange for full weekend event - $355.
Reserve your space by 12/31/15 and save $55.

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