Sacred Ceremony

Collective Ceremony Creations


For 20 years, Martien and Teressena have been facilitating ceremonies and initiations for various celebrations including:


Rites of Passage
Motherhood and Births
Full Moon Circles

Full moon by Sedona

• Death Rite

Lake Ouachita at dusk

Ceremonies and Initiations

Sacred ceremonies have been a part of our spiritual human existence from the beginning of time. They provide a continuity of the collective vision and offer opportunity for profound insight and transformation on the soul's journey. Ceremonies are for honoring the sacred in life, for gratitude of all that is and for drawing in specific energies to align with the intention for the ceremony. By aligning our intention and attention with the heart of the earth and the heart of the sky, we enter into ceremony in our heart of hearts, connecting worlds within worlds.

Goddess Gatherings
• Equinox and Solstice Ceremonies

Peace Moon by Teressena

Sweat Lodge
• Despachos

Drumming with Lee Standing Bear and Amanda Moore

Ceremony at Tonina

Martien and Teressena draw from a rich personal background of ceremony and initiation in Native American, Mayan, Olmec and Peruvian traditions, as well as their spontaneous, innate abilities as co-creators with Great Mystery

Water ceremony in Taiwan